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I have done a lot of counseling over the past twenty years or so.  Some time ago I recognized my limitations as a pastor and felt led of the Lord to seek additional educational opportunities to better prepare myself to be able to do counseling evangelism.  To be part of the healing process that mends broken lives, failing marriages, dysfunctional families, twisted values, misplaced priorities, a poor belief system, a faulty faith factor, is a real challenge and at the same time a real blessing.

In the mid eighties I became a Certified Behavior Consultant. God has been good and that vital part of the ministry continues to this day.  I deal basically with the members of the body of Christ.  The natural man is seldom interested in what I have to say.

One gentleman said to me, "Fix my problem, but leave me alone."  He didn't realize it at the moment, but he was the problem.

As Christians we must remember that God wants to use us as examples of the believer, in word and in deed.  That includes our marriages, families, in the work place and market place.  If you are in spiritual trouble or your marriage and family life is not all God wants it to be, and if you think perhaps I can help, just let me know.

For situations just like that, I have continued in my studies and now have become a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.  You can reach me on our Contact page.  Just e-mail me with your question and I'll do anything I can to assist you.

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